young girl with arms folded making a mean face


Backtalk is a hot topic for most parents because it’s one of those behaviors that most parents just can’t stand. Being met with backtalk after asking our children to get ready for bed, or come inside for dinner, pushes our buttons because it feels disrespectful. Instantly we feel like we must address the rudeness by …

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Penfield volunteer with toddler

Behavior Charts

Behavior charts are great tools for encouraging children to work on positive social skills. Adults love behavior charts because they help with consistency. Kids love behavior charts because they help others take notice of their hard work. If you decide that a behavior chart is something you’d like to try, there are just a few …

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mother and daughter hugging

Helping your Child Deal with Grief

While it is common for children to grieve the death of a loved one, children might also grieve following a divorce or separation, a loved one moving away or moving out of the home or decreased visitations with a loved one. All of these experiences can be considered a “loss.” Even if the child is …

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portrait of sad toddler girl rubbing eyes

How to Deal With Tantrums in Public

A child’s early years are full of developmental milestones. While a child’s first steps have us running for the camera, a toddler’s first tantrums have us running for the hills. Even worse is when these tantrums occur in public. Ideally, most of the work done to control tantrums will happen at home, where ignoring an …

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tiny sleeping baby with pink knitted hat

Introducing a New Child to the Family

Welcoming a second bundle of joy to the family means big changes for you and your young child. While parents think their child will be excited with the new addition, it’s also normal for a child to feel jealous, confused or worried. As you prepare for the baby, you can also prepare your child for …

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