Father talking to son outside

The Upside of Interrupting

Interrupting is a natural, and healthy, part of a child’s development as they test limits with any and all adults. A young child’s job is to find the wiggle room in relationships, helping them determine boundaries and limits with others. Developmentally, a young child’s brain up until the age of six is working from concrete …

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Mother and son portrait outside laughing

The Mother-Child Relationship

Mothers and their children are connected even before birth. All those months spent together mark the beginning of a sometimes challenging, yet rewarding, relationship. Moms have an important role in their child’s mental health because they provide basic necessities (i.e. food, water, shelter, and sleep) and form a secure attachment with their young child. Attachment …

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Father and daughter smiling - isolated over a white background

The Father-Child Relationship

One in three American children does not live with their biological father.* In the inner-city, these numbers are often much higher.  From a mental health perspective, children without fathers are at-risk for a variety of social/emotional concerns. These include: Poor school performance Drug use Teen pregnancy Crimes and violent acts Jail/prison time Depression and suicide …

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close up of young girls holding hands

Teaching Your Child Conflict Resolution

For many, acting defensive or aggressive is a natural response to conflict.  However, it is important that children learn effective conflict resolution skills that promote peaceful ways of solving problems between individuals.  Learning to deal with conflict in a friendly manner will help your child understand the importance of healthy interpersonal communication and take a …

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