close up of gummy vitamins

Beware of Too Many Gummy Vitamins

Shaped like cartoon characters or baby animals, gummy multivitamins are one way to make sure a child gets vitamins and minerals. They taste good and fill the nutrition gaps in the diet. They sound like a win! And they are, as long as they’re taken correctly. As you can imagine, this is one pill that …

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close up of pills in a pill bottle

Top Causes of Poisoning in Kids Younger than 5-Years-Old

Kids younger than school-age are curious and can get into anything.  While there are many dangerous items that can be appealing to a small child, here are the most common potential poisons parents should monitor: Highly concentrated laundry detergent packets and bleach Laundry detergent and bleach for high-efficiency washers is highly concentrated.  Combine that fact …

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