Mother taking daughter's temperature

Symptoms of a Cold Versus the Flu

Influenza is the reason for more hospitalizations among young children than any other vaccine-preventable disease with approximately 20,000 children under the age of 5 hospitalized every year. Because the flu can be cause for medical concern for children, it is important to be aware of your child’s symptoms to determine whether it’s just a cold …

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close up of fries and hamburger

Kicking the Fast Food Habit

Even though we all know the unhealthful truth about fast food, there are still many irresistible reasons why we continue to show up at the drive thru window.  When you’re nearing dinnertime with hungry kids and limited time and money, the convenience of picking up fast food on the way home from work or school …

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young girl using a tablet

The Importance of Limiting Screen Time

There is no denying that putting in a DVD or offering a game on a smart phone can provide a convenient distraction for a child while his parents are caring for younger siblings or taking a much needed moment for themselves.  While this may be true, it is important for parents to recognize that entertainment …

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baby sitting in a high chair drinking a bottle

Ten Tips to Soothe Teething Babies

Many parents (even first time) know the tell tale signs of teething: tender gums, chewing on solid objects, irritability and lots and lots of drooling.  Though timing varies for each baby, teething often begins around 4 to 7 months of age and can be a tedious and uncomfortable process for babies and their parents.  When …

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woman doctor examining blonde baby boy

Finding a Pediatrician

Finding a good pediatrician that you trust to care for your child is an important decision.  Knowing that a doctor will be available when needed to answer your questions and provide professional advice and quality medical care will be extremely helpful, especially if you are a new parent.  You are the most important advocate for …

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young boy playing with shapes puzzle

How Puzzles Help Your Child’s Development

Puzzles are a popular and challenging activity for young children and adults alike. At any age, puzzles offer the chance to work toward a goal and, literally, piece together a story or narrative. With fun shapes and bright colors, large-piece puzzles are a favorite among small children, but they also offer an array of developmental …

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baby boy crawling near baby gate

Child Proofing and Home Safety

When a baby starts to crawl, it is an exciting time for everyone.  Parents are thrilled to see their child hit an important developmental milestone and explore the surrounding world with wonder.  Unfortunately, there are many things for a curious baby to discover inside his own home that could be dangerous.  It is important for …

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