close up of mother holding a baby

How to Give Positive Praise

In working with families over the years, I’ve learned that no matter what age or stage a child is at in his/her development, praise plays a key part in promoting any child’s social-emotional growth. Kids need to know their good behavior is appreciated and that they are doing well in the eyes of their parents. …

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two girls and one boy playing with blocks at a table

A Recipe for Successful Play

Play is the most powerful tool parents have at their disposal for nurturing their children’s growth. It is the simplest way they can encourage almost every facet of development. With that being said, play needs to be age-appropriate and safe.  Most importantly, parents need to play too. Perhaps the most important part of play is …

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tiny sleeping baby with pink knitted hat

Introducing a New Child to the Family

Welcoming a second bundle of joy to the family means big changes for you and your young child. While parents think their child will be excited with the new addition, it’s also normal for a child to feel jealous, confused or worried. As you prepare for the baby, you can also prepare your child for …

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smiling baby playing with toy on the floor

Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathology is the ability to assess, diagnose and treat children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders.  Speech language pathologists are specifically trained to look at an individual’s understanding of language (receptive language), the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas (expressive language) and the overall production of speech sounds (i.e. articulation, stuttering, and …

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illustration of a ribbon with puzzle pattern

Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is autism? Autism is a disability that affects how children relate to others.  It is believed that about one of every 166 children is born with autism or are likely to develop it.  Autism affects children of all races, however four times more boys are diagnosed with autism than girls. What does it mean …

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close up of smiling toddler girl playing outside

Developmental Milestones: Year One

The way your child learns, plays, and acts shows you important steps in development. All children grow and develop at their own rate. However, most follow a predictable skill path along the way. These skill paths are called developmental milestones; skills that most children can perform by a certain age. Refer to the checklist below …

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two toddlers playing together

Facts About Dental Cavities in Children

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a nice, bright smile on a child’s face. Unfortunately, dental cavities can destroy the look of these pearly whites and cause pain and infections that may result in early loss of these teeth. Baby teeth are important for a number of reasons so it is very important to …

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