Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids

By: Carolina Cuevas, Penfield Children’s Center Taking a road trip this summer, but don’t have a lot of time to pack snacks or prepare meals? Don’t worry! Eating healthy on the road can be easy-breezy. The following list of food items will assure every member of your family is satisfied. Packaged snacks: Seaweed snacks:  Seaweed …

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playful sandwich with smiley faces and carrots on the side

Sneaky Fruits and Veggies

By: Cristina Moreno, Bilingual Outreach Specialist, Penfield Children’s Center Food that is labeled ‘enriched’ or ‘fortified’ really just means that vitamins, minerals, proteins, calories, or fiber have been added to make it more nutritious, which can be a good thing, and is sometimes even necessary for growth. However, any time I hear the word ‘enrich’ …

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Bread slice marked with gluten free stamp isolated

Celiac Disease

By: Stephanie Shabangu, Penfield Children’s Center Reviewed by: Kelsey Sorvick, RN, Penfield Children’s Center These days, the topic of gluten has found its way into many conversations about health and weight-loss. Many diets have also popped up to support a food plan that does not include gluten, but focuses on eating more proteins, vegetables and …

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Introducing new foods

Introducing new foods to your weekly menu can be challenging.  Getting children to try new foods can be just as tough. Children typically need to be exposed to a new food six to 10 times … sometimes more. Learn some tips for introducing new foods to your child and making meal time a fun food …

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hand feeding a baby

Make Your Own Baby Food

Beginning around six months of age, your little one may be ready to start eating solid foods. Making your own baby food may sound complicated but it is incredibly simple and will save your family a lot of money. You can also be confident that you are providing your baby with the freshest, most nourishing …

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diverse kids helping plant a tomato plant

How Gardening Can Improve the Wellness of Children

Chronic illness is undoubtedly on the rise. Almost everyone seems to know someone suffering from disease within their circle of family and friends. The current outlook is bleak. Global cases of cancer are anticipated to rise by half – growing from 14 million in 2012 to 21.6 million cases by 2030 (World Health Organization). Cancer …

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close up of fries and hamburger

Kicking the Fast Food Habit

Even though we all know the unhealthful truth about fast food, there are still many irresistible reasons why we continue to show up at the drive thru window.  When you’re nearing dinnertime with hungry kids and limited time and money, the convenience of picking up fast food on the way home from work or school …

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woman feeding baby with a spoon

Nutrition for Kids With Special Needs

For children with special needs it is possible to have a variety of conditions that vary in severity and prognosis. A highly functioning child with autism, for example, may have one set of unique nutritional problems while a child with severe cerebral palsy will have a very different set of nutritional needs. Consultation with a …

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young boy eating watermelon with a fork

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Although it’s easy to grab a prepackaged snack for your child, processed snacks lack proper nutritional value and are often high in sugar. But by devoting time to making healthy snacks easily accessible, good food can be within arm’s reach for your child.  Preparing healthy snacks with your kids will get them more excited about …

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smiling girl playing outside

Healthy Choices for Toddlers

Amy Bontempo, Family Programs Coordinator at Penfield Children’s Center Teaching good nutrition starts early in life.  Set by example.  A parent who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle will teach his/her child to do the same.  Offer food choices from every food group, a collection of foods that share similar nutritional properties.  How dinner is …

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close up of toddler boy eating

Helping Your Child Eat Right

There are reasons why toddlers and young children can be “picky” eaters.  Often parents will say “he loved that food yesterday and now he won’t touch it.”  Why is this?  We know that in the first year of life infants go through rapid growth and development.  The average 1 year old has tripled his/her birth …

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