father and son playing outside

Avoiding Power Struggles

“You can’t make me!” screams your expressive child. Your breath quickens, heart rate elevates, blood pressure rises and a throb starts at the temples. At times you may feel like you “have to” make your child do things against her will. Tasks as simple as being asked to brush her teeth, take a bath or …

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sister and brother yelling at each other

How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is often caused by brothers and sisters fighting for the attention of their parents. The typical onset of sibling rivalry is shortly after the birth of the second child. The oldest child may have difficulty understanding that the parents must now divide their attention amongst several children, resulting in jealousy and difficulty adjusting …

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frustrated young girl

Dealing with Differing Parenting Styles

Although parenting can be difficult and challenging, it can also be the most amazing and fun experience. There are many different parenting dynamics including single, married, divorced, grandparents, foster, adoptive or same-sex. Regardless of demographics, it is not uncommon for parenting styles to differ because all people have their own set of beliefs, views and …

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woman kissing cheek of a baby

30 Ways to Show Your Child Love

Telling your child you love her is one thing, but showing her is another. It can be a lot easier said than done but children thrive on knowing they are loved just as we all do. Showing your child you love her does not mean spending money on her, but rather focusing on those simple …

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Toddler girl sitting at a table with stickers with golden retriever dog

The Benefits of Having a Pet

Are you debating whether or not to have a pet join your family? A pet can be a perfect addition to your child’s life and has the potential to provide much more than loyalty and afternoon cuddles. Having a pet in your home can actually boost your child’s emotional, physical and intellectual vitality. From an …

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Mother and son portrait outside laughing

The Mother-Child Relationship

Mothers and their children are connected even before birth. All those months spent together mark the beginning of a sometimes challenging, yet rewarding, relationship. Moms have an important role in their child’s mental health because they provide basic necessities (i.e. food, water, shelter, and sleep) and form a secure attachment with their young child. Attachment …

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Father and daughter smiling - isolated over a white background

The Father-Child Relationship

One in three American children does not live with their biological father.* In the inner-city, these numbers are often much higher.  From a mental health perspective, children without fathers are at-risk for a variety of social/emotional concerns. These include: Poor school performance Drug use Teen pregnancy Crimes and violent acts Jail/prison time Depression and suicide …

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mother, father and kids laughing in the living room

The Importance of Family Time

Family time is important.  It increases a family’s bond, communication and health and well-being. However, with dual income homes, extracurricular activities and weekend events it can be difficult to find time to spend together as a family.  Advances in technology have also put constraints on the time that families spend together. Both parents and children …

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tiny sleeping baby with pink knitted hat

Introducing a New Child to the Family

Welcoming a second bundle of joy to the family means big changes for you and your young child. While parents think their child will be excited with the new addition, it’s also normal for a child to feel jealous, confused or worried. As you prepare for the baby, you can also prepare your child for …

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