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Proper handwashing is one of the best things you can do to prevent the spread of germs and keep yourself and others from getting sick.  But, your usual practice of handwashing may not be effective enough to get rid of germs.  Watch the following video to make sure you and your children are using the …

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Car Seat Safety

It is estimated that only 1 in 10 car seats are installed correctly.  We all want our children to be safe when riding in the car, but choosing the right car seat and making sure it is properly installed can be confusing.  Watch the following video on car seat safety to help you choose the …

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mother buckling baby in car seat

Proper Car Seat Installation

Child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts are all required by law in Wisconsin.  We all want our children to be safe but it can be confusing for parents and caregivers when it comes to choosing, installing and using a car seat correctly.  It is estimated that only 1 in 10 carseats are used …

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close of paint brush and orange water color paint

Easy DIY Toys to Make at Home

Do-It-Yourself or DIY projects are a growing trend in households everywhere. There are books, blogs and websites (such as the ever famous Pinterest) dedicated to the subject.  It even has its own TV network.  Aside from the trend, the DIY movement is focused on bringing people back to the basics of living simply in a …

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You Can Make Playdough

Children love playing with playdough.  It gives them an opportunity to use their imaginations, create their own sculptures and even strengthen fine motor skills.  Watch the following video to see how easy it is for adults and children to make homemade playdough.  Minimal effort is required for endless hours of fun. What is your favorite …

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portrait of sad toddler girl rubbing eyes

How to Deal With Tantrums in Public

A child’s early years are full of developmental milestones. While a child’s first steps have us running for the camera, a toddler’s first tantrums have us running for the hills. Even worse is when these tantrums occur in public. Ideally, most of the work done to control tantrums will happen at home, where ignoring an …

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close up of mother holding a baby

How to Give Positive Praise

In working with families over the years, I’ve learned that no matter what age or stage a child is at in his/her development, praise plays a key part in promoting any child’s social-emotional growth. Kids need to know their good behavior is appreciated and that they are doing well in the eyes of their parents. …

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