shy child

5 Tactics to Help your Shy Child Cope

By: Caroline Kupchella, Co-Founder, The Indika Alliance Every child has a different personality, and some are just innately shy. Children who tend to be shyer can be uncomfortable in social interactions, and may exhibit signs of clinginess. Self-confidence and comfort in social situations doesn’t come easy to all children, which is why it’s important to …

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Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

By: Amy Beschta, M.S., L.P.C., Penfield Children’s Center Raising children is no easy task, especially if your child has issues with self-esteem or feels she may be inferior in some way to her friends or classmates. As parents, we can start helping our children build a positive perception of themselves early on. While some children …

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large family at Christmas around the dinner table

Celebrating Dual Holidays with Children

By: Stephanie Shabangu, Penfield Children’s Center With the holiday season upon us, storefronts are aglow with Christmas lights, Hanukkah menorahs and food to help celebrate the winter festivities.  While many families who celebrate one religion might gather in their local churches, synagogues and other cultural meeting places, it is also common for interfaith families to …

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young boy holding his cheek wincing with a toothache

Help! My Child Grinds His Teeth All Night

Written by: Stephanie Shabangu, Penfield Children’s Center Reviewed by: Kelsey Sorvick, RN, Penfield Children’s Center Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common condition in young children. When teeth grinding and clenching happen at night, it often occurs during phases of deep sleep or when the child is under stress. Rest assured though, 2 to 3 …

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young girl with braids looking down with sad expression

Helping Your Sensitive Child Cope

Sensitivity is often described as the amount of emotional reaction one has to different situations. Some people have an easy time brushing off intense situations and moving on with life, while others continue to dwell on the event long after it happened. Highly sensitive individuals often cry easily and become overwhelmed by chaotic situations. Many …

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