young girl with braids looking down with sad expression

Helping Your Sensitive Child Cope

Sensitivity is often described as the amount of emotional reaction one has to different situations. Some people have an easy time brushing off intense situations and moving on with life, while others continue to dwell on the event long after it happened. Highly sensitive individuals often cry easily and become overwhelmed by chaotic situations. Many …

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young girl with arms folded making a mean face


Backtalk is a hot topic for most parents because it’s one of those behaviors that most parents just can’t stand. Being met with backtalk after asking our children to get ready for bed, or come inside for dinner, pushes our buttons because it feels disrespectful. Instantly we feel like we must address the rudeness by …

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toddler girl on potty trainer

Toilet Training

All children develop at their own pace. As a result, there is no set age for a child to begin toilet training. Therefore, it is important that a child be ready to begin toilet training. Age 2 is a good time for parents to begin looking for signs that their child is ready to begin …

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Penfield volunteer with toddler

Behavior Charts

Behavior charts are great tools for encouraging children to work on positive social skills. Adults love behavior charts because they help with consistency. Kids love behavior charts because they help others take notice of their hard work. If you decide that a behavior chart is something you’d like to try, there are just a few …

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