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When a child stutters, parents often wonder if this will affect their child long-term. While some people stutter into adulthood, there are many ways to help children overcome this at an early age. What causes stuttering? The exact cause of stuttering is unknown; however we do know that a combination of factors is likely to …

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The Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing has been practiced around the world for centuries, but gained popularity in the U.S. in recent years. Take a look at your grocery store tabloids and you’ll likely spot a celebrity mom or dad wearing their baby proudly as paparazzi snaps shots of them purchasing fruit from their local farmer’s market. Why is baby …

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Helping your Child Deal with Grief

While it is common for children to grieve the death of a loved one, children might also grieve following a divorce or separation, a loved one moving away or moving out of the home or decreased visitations with a loved one. All of these experiences can be considered a “loss.” Even if the child is …

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The Colic Survival Guide

All babies cry. Crying is the main way that a baby communicates her needs before she starts to use language. If baby is hungry, tired, sick, uncomfortable, or has a soiled diaper, crying is a completely normal occurrence. But what about those babies who seemingly cry for no reason, sometimes for hours on end? If …

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Beware of Too Many Gummy Vitamins

Shaped like cartoon characters or baby animals, gummy multivitamins are one way to make sure a child gets vitamins and minerals. They taste good and fill the nutrition gaps in the diet. They sound like a win! And they are, as long as they’re taken correctly. As you can imagine, this is one pill that …

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Respite Care for Parents

The birth of a child with a disability or on-going medical condition is a huge adjustment for any family. It can affect family relationships and finances and can exhaust the time and energies of parents. It can be overwhelming to deal with all the feelings associated with the care of a child who has special …

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Helping Children Form Secure Attachments

Attachment is the deep and enduring connection established between a child and caregiver in the first several years of life. Attachment is not something that parents do to their children. Rather, it is something that children and parents create together in an ongoing reciprocal relationship. Attachment to a protective and loving caregiver who provides guidance …

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The Importance of Limiting Screen Time

There is no denying that putting in a DVD or offering a game on a smart phone can provide a convenient distraction for a child while his parents are caring for younger siblings or taking a much needed moment for themselves.  While this may be true, it is important for parents to recognize that entertainment …

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Car Seat Safety

It is estimated that only 1 in 10 car seats are installed correctly.  We all want our children to be safe when riding in the car, but choosing the right car seat and making sure it is properly installed can be confusing.  Watch the following video on car seat safety to help you choose the …

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Finding a Great Babysitter

Looking forward to going out, but dreading having to find a babysitter? The decision to leave your children in the care of someone else may be nerve racking, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you find a babysitter that you, and your children, trust.  Have no fear, help finding a babysitter …

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Ten Tips to Soothe Teething Babies

Many parents (even first time) know the tell tale signs of teething: tender gums, chewing on solid objects, irritability and lots and lots of drooling.  Though timing varies for each baby, teething often begins around 4 to 7 months of age and can be a tedious and uncomfortable process for babies and their parents.  When …

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Understanding School-Based and Medically-Based Therapies

Medically-based therapies are looked at much differently in Birth-to-Three programming than programming for school-age children.  Early Intervention is a system of coordinated services that promotes the child’s growth and development and supports families during the critical early years.  In the United States, Early Intervention services for eligible children and families are federally mandated through the …

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