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Teach your Child to Blow His Nose

By: Stephanie Shabangu, Penfield Children’s Center There are certain things we do everyday as adults that we don’t think about including tying our shoes, preparing food and…blowing our noses. They may seem like mundane, easy tasks to us, but to a child just learning, they can be a lot more complicated. One task in particular, …

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Mother taking daughter's temperature

Symptoms of a Cold Versus the Flu

Influenza is the reason for more hospitalizations among young children than any other vaccine-preventable disease with approximately 20,000 children under the age of 5 hospitalized every year. Because the flu can be cause for medical concern for children, it is important to be aware of your child’s symptoms to determine whether it’s just a cold …

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mother buckling baby in car seat

Proper Car Seat Installation

Child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts are all required by law in Wisconsin.  We all want our children to be safe but it can be confusing for parents and caregivers when it comes to choosing, installing and using a car seat correctly.  It is estimated that only 1 in 10 carseats are used …

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Toddler girl sitting at a table with stickers with golden retriever dog

The Benefits of Having a Pet

Are you debating whether or not to have a pet join your family? A pet can be a perfect addition to your child’s life and has the potential to provide much more than loyalty and afternoon cuddles. Having a pet in your home can actually boost your child’s emotional, physical and intellectual vitality. From an …

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young boy working with physical therapist

Understanding School-Based and Medically-Based Therapies

Medically-based therapies are looked at much differently in Birth-to-Three programming than programming for school-age children.  Early Intervention is a system of coordinated services that promotes the child’s growth and development and supports families during the critical early years.  In the United States, Early Intervention services for eligible children and families are federally mandated through the …

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baby boy on large blue ball with physical therapist

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The goal of Pediatric Physical Therapy is to help children independently perform everyday gross motor skills like jumping and running and functional mobility skills like stair climbing and wheelchair mobility. Pediatric Physical Therapists work with children and their families to assist children in reaching their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation …

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smiling girl playing outside

Healthy Choices for Toddlers

Amy Bontempo, Family Programs Coordinator at Penfield Children’s Center Teaching good nutrition starts early in life.  Set by example.  A parent who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle will teach his/her child to do the same.  Offer food choices from every food group, a collection of foods that share similar nutritional properties.  How dinner is …

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close up of toddler boy eating

Helping Your Child Eat Right

Mindy Schaefer, M.A., Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech Language Pathology There are reasons why toddlers and young children can be “picky” eaters.  Often parents will say “he loved that food yesterday and now he won’t touch it.”  Why is this?  We know that in the first year of life infants go through rapid growth …

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