Children's Workshop Request

Children's Workshop Request

Before submitting a request, please review the workshop requirements listed below. Additional information can be found in our "Frequently Asked Questions" section. If you have questions, contact the Penfield Outreach Team at or 414-344-7676.

-Location of workshop must be within a 1-hour radius of Penfield Children's Center.
-Workshops are 45-to-60 minutes in length depending on the age and size of the group.
-For workshops, space is needed to create 3 to 4 stations for children to participate in small group experiences.
-Workshops are best done with a small audience with no more than 30 students.

Please complete the following form to request a children's workshop. A minimum of 14 business days is needed for all requests. Once your request in submitted and reviewed, a member of the Penfield Outreach Team will contact you for confirmation. Please note, a workshop is not officially scheduled until you are contacted by a member of the Penfield Outreach Team and receive confirmation.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Children’s Workshops/Assemblies

Is there a charge for the program?

No, all Kohl’s Building Blocks workshops are free of charge for locations within a one-hour radius of Penfield Children’s Center.

How long are the programs?

Workshops and assemblies are 45-to-60 minutes in length depending on the age and the size of the group.

What ages/grades are most appropriate for the programs?

Our children’s workshops are geared toward children in grades K4 through 5th grade. Please read the program descriptions to determine which program may be best for your students.

What if we have more students than we can accommodate in one workshop or assembly?

We are more than happy to provide multiple workshops. The presenters would need at least a 10-minutes break between workshops and assemblies to reset and prepare for the next group. If presenters are providing workshops all day at your location, a minimum of 30 minutes would be needed for lunch.

Can we have more than one workshop or assembly?

Yes. We are can present at your location multiple times within a year. We can bring the same or different workshop/assembly.