Celebrate Black History Month With Books

Black History Month is celebrated during the month of February as recognition of the impact made by African Americans in the United States. Celebrating with young children is a great way to introduce them to different cultures, stories and experiences. Reading picture books that feature black main characters exposes your child, no matter their age, to a culture that has historically been under represented. Additionally, this allows children to relate and see themselves represented in the characters or learn about a culture different from their own.

Below is a collection of children’s books that are perfect for young readers to enjoy as they celebrate Black History Month.

Mae Among the stars
by: Roda Ahmed

Age: 2 – 6

The ABCs of Black History
by: Rio Cortez

Age: 2 – 8

Change Sings
by: Amanda Gorman

Age: 3-8

Hair Love
by: Matthew A. Cherry

Age: 2 – 7

I am Enough
by: Grace Byers

Age: 3-7

Just Like Me
by: Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Age: 24-7

Max and the Tag-Along Moon
by: Floyd Cooper

Age: 3-7

The Day You Begin
by: Jacqueline Woodson

Age: 24-7

Why is reading important?

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