Make a Summer Fruit Necklace

By: Stephanie Shabangu, Penfield Children’s Center Summer is in full swing and as kids enjoy their break, it’s a great time to get creative. Coming up with healthy treats provides an alternative to the typical sugary snacks that little ones gravitate toward. Children naturally enjoy eating fruit and what’s more fun than fruit they can …

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Festivals – Keeping Kids Safe

By: Rebecca Michelsen, M.Ed., MCHES, Manager of Community Outreach & Family Programs Ahhhh festival season! Time to enjoy rides, a variety of tasty food choices, live music and so much more. Attending festivals with the family is a great way to get out and enjoy the sunshine with your child. It’s important to also think …

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Mother and daughter at table working on crafts

Fun Winter Crafts

I love celebrating all of the seasons, but my favorite is winter. The winter season brings a variety of fun activities for families to enjoy. While playing outside in the snow or taking a winter hike can be fun, it’s important to find a few indoor activities for when it’s too cold. One great way …

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toddler boy on the floor playing with a toy tractor

Why We Play

A child’s play zone, whether it is in the home or classroom, can look like a free for all at times. A world full of movement and noise, of colors, textures, smells, and sounds, it’s a world where princesses build structures alongside superheroes, which turn into monsters just long enough to be scary and then …

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Learning Through Play

Through play, a child has the opportunity to engage his imagination and explore his surroundings. But, play also helps to enhance a child’s concentration, attention, creativity and overall cognitive development. The video below offers examples of everyday play that are not only fun, but also encourage healthy development. Related articles and videos: Promoting Cognitive Development  …

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girl looking up playing in leaves

Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Fall is one of the best seasons for fun family activities. It may be getting chillier outside, but there is plenty of warmth to be found in bright orange autumn leaves, bonfires and fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin pie. Have some fun with your family this fall with all of these autumn-related activities! Seasonal Activities: Autumn Go Apple-picking …

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Baby looking inside saucepan. Isolated on white background

Promoting Cognitive Development Through Play

Cognitive development refers to the way in which a child learns, solves problems, acquires knowledge about the surrounding environment and increases the ability to interact with it. Children acquire different cognitive skills as they meet certain developmental milestones.  As a parent, you can help your child improve cognitive development in memory, concentration, attention, perception, imagination …

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two baby girls sitting on the floor shaking bells with therapist

Appropriate Play and Activities for a Baby

A parent may wonder what kind of toys or activities are important for his/her baby’s development.  The answer to that question is simple: parents are the most important people in a baby’s life and can never replace even the most technologically advanced toy or activity.  Today’s technology has transformed the types of toys and activities …

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two girls and one boy playing with blocks at a table

A Recipe for Successful Play

Play is the most powerful tool parents have at their disposal for nurturing their children’s growth. It is the simplest way they can encourage almost every facet of development. With that being said, play needs to be age-appropriate and safe.  Most importantly, parents need to play too. Perhaps the most important part of play is …

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